The sound of 100 pan players rocking out
to classic hard rock hits.

You’ve never heard steel drums like this before. If you’re looking for a relaxing and dreamy Caribbean Island’ve come to the wrong place! "Pan Rocks" is unapologetically loud, heavy and in your face. It bangs out your favorite Rock classics, in a thunderous and highly-energetic steelpan style. So forget the cool Island vibe and head to the arena to rock out!

Pan Rocks is the brainchild of heavy metal drummer turned internationally renowned steelpannist, Tracy Thornton. The idea is to have as many steelpannists as possible on stage performing Rock music. Tracy has always dreamed of hearing Rock Music (his first love) performed on the Steelpan (his second love) on a stage with reckless abandonment.

The first Pan Rocks concert was held at the Akron Civic Theater in November 2013. It was the first of its kind, a major feat and a huge success; thanks in part to the show’s organizer Angel Lawrie, who partnered with Tracy on this first Pan Rocks venture.

This concert had more than 200 pan players. They consisted of eight steel bands from Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana and North Carolina. There were also several solo and professional players, from all over the US and Canada, who made the journey to perform. They were all joined by professional bassist, Robert Sledge from Ben Folds Five and rock drummer, Joey Barnes from Daughtry and Luna Arcade.

The show was based on Tracy’s steelpan Pan Rocks CD, which pays tribute to bands such as Led Zeppelin, The Ramones, The Who and Nirvana, just to name a few. So imagine a stage full of steelpannists rocking out those tunes, along with some of Tracy’s rock-style original compositions and you have Pan Rocks!

On the heels of this success, Tracy would like to continue this Pan Rocks extravaganza. His dream is to get kids excited and turn them on to pan through rock music, while at the same time, turning the public on to the steelpan art form through this medium. So keep your ears open and hopefully there will be a Pan Rocks concert coming near you!